Learning surf in famara Lanzarote

Learn how to do surfing in Lanzarote

We are a surf school located in Lanzarote. We will like to share with you some tips in case you are thinking of getting started in surfing.

So let’s get started, if you’ve never tried surfing your first wave yet, here are some tips to help you gain confidence in the ocean. In a few days, you will be ready to surf your first wave.

What type of surd board should I use to start?

The first thing you will have to decide is which board to choose if you are starting to do surfing. You have to take into account basic aspects such as its length, width and what material it is made of.

If you are a beginner you should start with a soft polyurethane surfboard (better known as: soft board). This will be for your safety and that of those around you. Also, a board like this will be easier to handle, as it is larger it will give you greater stability and its soft material will prevent you from hitting yourself if you fall or a wave gives you a somersault.

Your first attempts will let you know if this sport is for you. You may not know it the first day you try it, but surely you will find your passion little by little. This is why you have to be patient, firm and always be motivated.

After several attempts your efforts will pay off and you will have your reward, you will ride your first wave, and you will feel the power of surfing. You will surely achieve it, it only requires dedication and patience.

I recommend you always have the accompaniment of a professional, so your practice will be safe and you will be able to discover the true essence of surfing.

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In what beaches can I do surfing in Lanzarote?

Without a doubt, Lanzarote, like a large part of the Canary Islands, has ideal places to do all kinds of water sports, especially surfing. But, on the island the best known and most suitable beach for both beginners and experts is Famara.

Famara beach is the place to surf par excellence, here there are waves throughout the year. Whether you are a surfing expert or you are just starting now, here you can find all kinds of waves. Near the shore you will be able to start your lessons in complete safety, as the beach stretches 4 kilometers and has no stones; If you are an expert, you will find large waves a few meters from the shore.

For this reason, Famara is the perfect place to take your first surf courses or to ride incredible waves. Besides, the mountains around the beach allow you to enjoy a truly particular view.

If you are an expert, do not hesitate to contact us, so many years on the island have provided us with knowledge about less frequented beaches with perfect waves for experienced surfers.

learning surf in famara

What do I need to know to practice surf?

To get started in the world of surfing, you only need motivation, desire, and persistence. Like everything in life, practice is fundamental, therefore, you must trust your abilities and keep trying. 

You will see that at first, it will cost you a little to find your balance and fight against some waves that will want to take you back to shore, but do not worry, persist, insist, and you will surely achieve it.

In a surf course you will learn:

  • Rowing techniques
  • Choose the best waves
  • Surf the first waves
  • Find the perfect balance on the board
  • Give direction to the board to be able to ride the waves more easily
  • Learn how to fall off the board to avoid injuries.

Where can I take a surf course in Famara?

At School3S, school of surf, we offer you different types of courses to get you started in the world of surfing. From one day of classes to a week or more. We are a surf school with a long history that will not only provide you with excellent experiences but can also help you get to know all the wonders of the island.

Unlike other schools, our headquarters enjoys the privilege of being located in Puerto del Carmen, an ideal area for sightseeing, SUP rides, yogaSUP, and more. Every day our instructors go to Famara and return, therefore, they can pick you up at your hotel, take you to the beach and return you. But also, if you want to do other types of activities, we can offer you a variety right next to our headquarters.

Enjoy SURF
Picture of Diego Gabrielli

Diego Gabrielli

Professional surfer. He has been surfing for more than 20 years, he currently lives in Lanzarote and has taught private and group surf lessons in Famara for more than 7 years.


Nos encontramos en el centro de Puerto del Carmen ya que tiene el mejor clima de la isla, al estar al sur no tenemos las nubes y los vientos del norte. Por eso siempre podemos elegir la mejor playa para ir en el día.

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