stand up paddling lanzarote

why you should try sup in lanzarote?

Surely you have wondered what activity you should do if you pass through Lanzarote. Will it be good to surf, yoga, yogasup or maybe some SUP

Although all these activities are excellent, today we are going to tell you why you should do paddle surfing, also known as SUP or Standup paddle, in Lanzarote.

First we must start by telling you that the island has many places where you can practice this sport, we have several beaches from which you will be able to start your journey. 


You need to try it, is awsome!

We especially recommend those of Puerto del Carmen, because this area of the island is privileged because it does not have as much wind as the northern part (for example, Famara, where surfing takes place mainly.

If you are just starting out and require courses or if you are already an expert and want to make crossings through the ocean in Lanzarote, you will find the best options to enjoy a day of SUP. 

We can provide you with both courses and outings. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that to guarantee your safety the standup paddle trips will be organized depending on factors such as the tide, the wind, the number of bathers in the area and more.

¡But don’t worry, in Lanzarote, we will always find where to paddle surf in a safe and fun way!

Stand Up Paddling Lanzarote

Paddle surfing or stand up paddle will allow you to observe the best landscapes of the island from unusual perspectives, you will see the majesty of the mountains, the reefs and the beautiful white villages characteristic of the island. 

From the sea, you will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing views and also, you will be able to see countless marine animals typical of the region, such as fish, manta rays, and more.

The best thing about doing SUP is that this activity is suitable for the whole family, both children and adults can participate and enjoy together an adventure like no other

Do I need to have experience to do paddle surf?

If this is your first time practicing this sport, don’t worry, you don’t have to have previous knowledge to do it, just a lot of motivation and the desire to live an incredible adventure in Lanzarote. By taking a standup paddle course you will learn:

  • Proper rowing techniques to avoid shoulder or back injuries
  • Exercises to maintain balance
  • The proper position for your legs, arms and feet.
  • Ways to change direction, go forward and backward.
Paddle surf en lanzarote puerto del carmen

Allow yourself to enjoy the best views of Lanzarote from the sea, enjoy the beauty of marine life, exercise, and share a day with your whole family. If you have any questions or special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us

We will be happy to guide you in your selection process and allow you to live a real adventure.

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Nos encontramos en el centro de Puerto del Carmen ya que tiene el mejor clima de la isla, al estar al sur no tenemos las nubes y los vientos del norte. Por eso siempre podemos elegir la mejor playa para ir en el día.

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