Sup paddle yoga in lanzarote

what is sup paddle yoga or yoga-sup?

The yogaSUP in Lanzarote is the union of one of the most practiced disciplines – yoga – combined with SUP  Using large SUP boards you can practice yoga poses and feel the power of the ocean.

When we are doing yoga above the sea, our own body becomes aware of movements that we thought we were not capable of doing.

In practice, the focus is on being present, maintaining a physical and mental balance, and letting the wisdom of the body do its work. Breathing, as always in yoga, accompanies each movement.

Here a posture is not repeated because it is previously known, on the contrary, the posture is discovered through new approaches that we can only learn when we practice in the middle of the ocean, floating and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

yoga en el agua lanzarote

where can i practice yogasup in lanzarote?

To practice yogaSUP we need the ocean to be relatively calm and have favorable winds, not very strong. 

For this reason, in Lanzarote, we recommend doing this sport especially in Puerto Del Carmen, where the winds are usually calm and the sea remains relatively calm.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to do yogaSUP.

sup yoga in lanzarote

what I need to know to do yogasup?

To do yogaSUP in Lanzarote you should not have previous experience, you just need to desire to live a different experience and feel comfortable in the water. 

We recommend this activity for people who know how to swim, but it is not a requirement, our expert teachers are also qualified lifeguards, so you will always be in total safety.

By doing this activity you will be able to perceive your internal strength and also the energy of the environment around you.

 You will learn to feel in a more profound way how your movements mix with the natural movement of the ocean, thus connecting you with nature and with yourself.

Here you learn to feel, and listen to yourself. 

You will reach deep states of perception, which will allow you to see what surrounds you in a different way, and take on small challenges calmly, step by step, to achieve them.

YOGASUP en Lanzarote

By participating in our yogaSUP classes, you will be able to put aside the roles that we all impose on ourselves daily, and simply live the moment according to what is flowing to you, without competing, but on the contrary sharing.

Share a unique place on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, share the desire to get out of your comfort zone, share your love for the sea, and yoga.

In the ocean one enters the Asanas with greater mental clarity and focus, accepting and thanking what the day gives us, which can be sun and heat, as well as clouds and incredible colors.

Nature rules there and we breathe its energy and connect with what is given to us, learning to be patient, observant, and respectful.

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Nos encontramos en el centro de Puerto del Carmen ya que tiene el mejor clima de la isla, al estar al sur no tenemos las nubes y los vientos del norte. Por eso siempre podemos elegir la mejor playa para ir en el día.

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